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Package Forwarding Services

We'll get your package to your APO

Say Bye To Painful Shipping Expenses and restrictions

3 Easy Steps To Shop Tax Free In The US, Ship To Your APO

After you’ve created your free account, we are here to support you through the process with live support agents standing by to answer any questions. 

Use your favorite online retailer

1. Go Shopping

With your free US address you can shop tax free from any website.  Simply enter your new address and we will handle the rest

Use Our Warehouse Address At Check Out

2. Ship Your Package

Once we receive your package, we take great care to ensure proper packaging and customs requirements are met. We will keep you in the loop via our easy to use communication platform throughout the process. If you need package consolidation to save on shipping – just let us know!

We'll Take It From Here

3. Receive Forwarded Package

Once your package is received at our warehouse we will process it within 24 hours.  Our warehouse is open Monday through Friday.  Packages are not processed on weekends or holidays.  You will receive email notification of incoming and outgoing tracking numbers

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Size Definitions:

  • Length is always the longest dimension and is measured in inches.
  • Height is the side that is perpendicular to the length and is measured in inches.
  • Width is the remaining side that is also perpendicular to the length and is measured in inches.
  • Girth is the distance around the thickest part of the remaining non-length sides and is measured in inches.
    • For rectangular packages, Girth would be Height multiplied by two plus Width multiplied by two.
    • For cylindrical packages, Girth would be the circumference of the cylinder.


  • For priority mail – max girth is 108 inches and max weight is 70 lbs.
  • For parcel select – max girth 130 inches and max weight is 70 lbs.
  • No package can be longer than 72 inches in length.
  • If you are ordering something larger/heavier we can arrange to repack it into smaller and lighter boxes if needed for an additional fee.

Yes. Just go into your account and change your forwarding service.  Send us a message and we will hold packages for you until you arrive at your new destination.

Send us a message and we can arrange special handling or overpacking your parcel. You can purchase additional insurance through your account dashboard if necessary.

Priority Mail usually takes 7-14 days and Parcel Select can take up to 8 weeks depending on your location.  

If you are ordering multiple packages and would like them put into one larger box we can do that for you.  There is a $5 fee per box for this service.  This fee is in addition to our $7 handling fee.  For example, 3 boxes into 1 larger box is $36.  Your savings is in your postage costs.

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